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Boost Your Hair Growth with the Inversion Method



“Flip it!”, “bend it!”, “then massage it!” Us queens sure know how to hold the rhythm and master any new dance routine. Flip it, bend it and massage it isn’t a dance routine but a hair growth routine that actually works!  This method is commonly known as the Inversion Method.


The Inversion Method comprises flipping your hair over your face, bending your head over low, and using your fingers to massage your scalp while remaining in that position.


Bending your head over and placing it as close as possible, to be positioned between your legs increases blood flow to the scalp. The blood flow is believed to stimulate hair growth up to an extra inch every month. Another critical step to this method that will encourage hair growth, is massaging your scalp with a growth oil serum while in the doing the inversion method. 


Let’s learn and explore more about this hair growth method and see how best we can fit it into your healthy hair routine.  


Understanding the Inversion Method


Are you concerned about the safety of this hair growth method trend? This can safely be practiced once you’re not experiencing headaches, feeling wheezy, pregnant, suffer from low blood pressure, or any other non-communicable diseases. 


Doctors have assessed the inversion method as safe, as long as you’re not experiencing any of the above cases. Therefore, feel free to bend your head over, do a headstand, or even use an inversion table. 


The Inversion Method is good at promoting hair growth because of the blood circulation the position of your head supplies to your scalp. Your hair becomes enriched with nutrients that boost the health of the scalp. 




Steps of the Inversion Method Process


The inversion method steps are pretty simple to remember and perform.


Step 1: Head massages are critical in the inversion method. The scalp is pre-massaged before adding the inversion method using the The Vitamin Scalp Serum. Follow with the Gold standard herbal scalp oil. The pre-massage your scalp set, will prepare the scalp for the benefits of the inversion method. 


The serum and oil are new and improved and made by a trichologist and a natural hair enthusiast. They are specially designed to encourage hair growth by penetrating deep with the hair follicles. 

     The Vitamin Scalp Serum has natural and stimulating ingredients, including MSM, Peppermint, Tea tree, Aloe vera, Biotin, Ginko Biloba, and Rosemary. This signature blend ensures all the nutrients your hair needs to take on the Inversion Method.


Step 2: Place your Head in the Inversion Position. Massage your scalp in circular motions using your finger pads. It is vital that you stay no longer than four to five minutes in the inversion position. After the time has passed, take your time and slowly transition from the inversion position. 


Added Tip: Put the Gold Standard herbal growth oil in a bowl of HOT not boiling water and leave in for 3 to 5 minutes to heat up the oil. Use the heated oil for a better penetration. Applying the oil as a hot oil treatment before using shampoo in hair. This allows your scalp to soak in the nutrients, thus further enhancing the benefits with the Inversion Method. 

Heating up your oil before applying it to your hair will allow further penetration, and a more luxurious feeling to your hair. You won’t have to worry about the shampoo stripping your hair of all the the moisture, but if you use the onyx cleanse shampoo from crown hair care, you’ll never have to worry about shampoo drying out your hair, with and without a pre hot oil treatment. 

The frequency of these two steps should be practiced three times a week with a rest interval of 3 weeks before it is practiced again. It should be done consistently every day only for the period of one week. This is so because doing it continuously every day can allow your scalp to become familiar with the inversion method, thus becoming less effective.



Does massaging the scalp without oil application work? 


The Inversion Method can be practiced without the use of the oil applied to the scalp. 

However, it is important to note that the use of the oils stimulates the scalp and increases the benefits of the inversion method administered. 


Other Great Hair Growth Tips


Healthy hair thrives with TLC. Using the Inversion Method boosts hair growth and gives the hair quality attention it requires. Still, great hair also needs a nutrient-rich diet, water consumption, and the use of quality hair products without harsh ingredients that dry the hair leaving it brittle. Try out our healthy hair starter kit !


Hair growth is also best achieved when protective styles are worn. These protective styles help to lessen breakage and promote hair retention while still practicing the inversion method. 


The Inversion Method Bonus – Scalp Bundle - Vita Scalp Serum+ Gold Standard Herbal Oil


Two is always better than one. Crown Care Hair Growth believes that the best combination is using this combo together. By using the coupon code INMBLG , you can secure this incredible scalp set for only $39 ($44 without coupon). Bear in mind that the scalp serum should be applied before the gold standard oil. The duo promotes extreme hair growth and a healthy scalp.


When coupled with the inversion method, there’s no doubt that you will see increased hair growth within a month.


Final thoughts


The success of the Inversion Method heavily relies on placing your head in the proper position, pre-heating The Gold Standard herbal scalp oil, and applying it to your scalp with stimulating massages. 


Rest assured, the inversion Method is safe and will improve hair growth and quality a month at a time.