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  • Inversion method :How to grow your hair without product

    I’m sure you’re wondering how you can grow your hair without using any product or money! Read this article to find out how! Everyone knows to use ...
  • The Magic of Chebe Powder and Ayurvedic Herbs for your Hair Growth

    If you're looking for something new to try in your hair, we will introduce you to two ingredients types, that will work wonders for your hair - Chebe and Ayurvedic Herbs.  
  • L.O.C Method for severely dehydrated hair

    The LOC Method: To get Incredibly Moisturized Hair   If you have naturally curly hair, you may have heard about the LOC method. If not, this is yo...
  • Boost Your Hair Growth with the Inversion Method

    “Flip it!”, “bend it!”, “then massage it!” Us queens sure know how to hold the rhythm and master any new dance routine. Flip it, bend it and massage it isn’t a dance routine but a hair growth routine that actually works!  This method is commonly known as the Inversion Method...READ MORE
  • How can Crown Hair Care grow my hair

    Crown Hair Care is a brand for natural and processed kinky and curly hair. The ingredients used in the formulation of these products are concentrat...